TriathlonOz Newsletter #25

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

14 January 2016. $10 CLEARANCE SALE

Created: 14 Jan 2016

TriathlonOz Newsletter #24

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

5th June 2014. Shotz - Exclusive Special 28 Hours Only; 47% Off Mega Sale - Available Until Stock Sells Out; Free Race Belt with Every $30+ Order.

Created: 27 Nov 2013

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Section: Diet & Nutrition - Recipes

10 of the best recipes for making nutrious & delicious smoothies using your home blender.

Created: 21 Nov 2013

TriathlonOz Newsletter #23

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

7 June 2013. World's first breakthrough for triathletes; plus a MTB world first for Australia; plus you can get 50% off trisuits, 30% off training books & DVD's.

Created: 05 Jun 2013

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 22

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

17 May, 2013. In this edition of the newsletter we announce the winner from our recent survey who has bagged over $200 worth of tri gear; we also bring you up to date with our latest

Created: 17 May 2013

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 21

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

1 May, 2013. Storewide sale on now - get 30-50% off everything while stock lasts.

Created: 01 May 2013

Embed Tracking on Your Site

Section: Triathlon - Tracking

The Tracker service has a great number of methods to embed a dynamic map on your existing website, blogs or page. Use these tools to generate an embed tag that suits you.

Created: 12 Apr 2013

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 20

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

25th January 2013. With Australia Day weekend upon us, what better time to plan your patriotic triathlon apparel. In this newsletter we feature some awesome new gear that's just arrived in stock so

Created: 25 Jan 2013

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 19

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

29 November, 2012. All of the best Christmas gift ideas and specials from the TriathlonOz Online Shop.

Created: 28 Nov 2012

Heart Rate Training Zones

Section: Triathlon - Training

Heart rate zones are scientifically based guidelines that help us understand what heart rate level we should aim for based on our training goals.

Created: 19 Nov 2012

Training Intensity

Section: Triathlon - Training

The purpose of training, is to improve your fitness so that you can go the distance, or better still, go the distance faster. But what type of training to do is often the confusing part.

Created: 19 Nov 2012

Self-Awareness - the 5th Discipline

Section: Triathlon - Racing

This article is about the significance of self-awareness, which can be considered the "5th discipline" of a triathlon to master. Becoming more self-aware may not seem important,

Created: 15 Nov 2012

Transition - the 4th Discipline

Section: Triathlon - Racing

This article is discusses the importance of transition practice, often the forgotten 4th discipline of triathlon racing. Precious seconds, sometimes even minutes,

Created: 13 Nov 2012

Beginners Guide to using Bike Shoes & Click-in Pedals

Section: Triathlon - Cycling

Many beginners feel daunted by the prospect of riding in bike shoes with cleats and being “trapped” to the pedal for fear of falling off.

Created: 12 Nov 2012

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 18

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

6 November, 2012. Our trisuits are on sale now for just $85! That's a massive saving of over 50%. In stock and selling fast. Sizes to suit everyone, including older children up to XL men!

Created: 06 Nov 2012

Why Men Should Shave Their Legs Overall Rating: 4/5

Section: Injury & Recovery - Common Injuries

Find the most compelling reasons that male triathletes should shave their legs. It is fairly common in the cycling world to see men with smooth legs,

Created: 02 Nov 2012

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 17

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

23rd October 2012. Discover how you can use Athlete tracking, Pace calculator & race time prediction, embed Garmin data with photos & stories, customise your event calendar, list your gear for sale,

Created: 18 Oct 2012

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 16

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

31st August 2012. Get motivated for Spring with new events, & stuff to win! Read our latest Newsletter with tips & ideas.

Created: 30 Aug 2012

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 15

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

25th July 2012. See our new Mobile web-app, get the new Garmin-Cervelo team book, read our exclusive interview with a Kona 2012 qualifier from Perth, and more!

Created: 25 Jul 2012

Legal Threats Policy

Section: TriathlonOz - Forum Rules & Moderation

This policy clearly covers our stance in the instance of receiving a vexatious threat against TriathlonOz, I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd, its staff or its moderators.

Created: 24 Jul 2012

Athlete Profile - Helen Vagnoni talks Kona 2012

Section: Triathlon - Racing

This is our exclusive interview with Australia's F50-55 age group winner of the Asia-Pacific IM and Kona qualifer - Helen Vagnoni.

Created: 24 Jul 2012

Athelete Tracking

Section: Navigation - Tracking

Athelete Tracking is an online tracking applications and uses your mobile phone, gps, web browser and many different tracking devices to update your position online in realtime on the iMapPlot

Created: 16 May 2012

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 14

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

11th May, 2012. New race dates announced, Mother's Day Gift Vouchers, 15-20% discount off now; IM70.3 race reports and more...

Created: 08 May 2012

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 13

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

18th April, 2012. Prize Winner Announced; How to Survive the Taper; Sports Nutrition Sale; Temporary tattoos; & Mothers Day gift ideas for sporty mums!

Created: 18 Apr 2012

TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 12

Section: Newsletters - TriathlonOz

11th April, 2012. Get tips for uploading Garmin activity log files to your blogs; TriathlonOz trisuits now available from our online shop; where to go for advice on all things triathlon; and win a

Created: 11 Apr 2012
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