Avon Descent 2009

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

This year I competed, and completed, my first Avon Descent in a single kayak. This is my story! The Avon Descent is an annual race held in WA during Perth's rainy winter ...

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My First "Run for a Reason"

Member: TriathlonOz - Michelle 

Last Sunday I did the 14km run in the annual HBF Run for a Reason. I've been seeing another physio since doing the Half (now 3 weeks ago) to get a second opinion on the ...

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Busselton Half Ironman 2009

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Well after two years of training, 3 months dedicated longer distance training and a lot of effort not only from me but the whole family it final arrived - the half ironman....

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UCI World Cycling Tour 2011 - Perth Time Trial

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Today I competed in my first real Time Trial cycling event, which was held at Rottnest Island, just 40 min by ferry from Fremantle. The course length was 18....

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Photos from today's Women's Triathlon (with Tadpoles) at Hillarys

Member: TriathlonOz - Michelle 

Beautiful conditions and a massive turnout for today's racing at Hillarys. Everyone in Perth was celebrating a day with temps below 35 degrees!...

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Espresso 24-Hour Adventure Race

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

The Espresso Adventure Race is a non-stop, unsupported, 24-hour challenge (12 noon Saturday – 12 noon Sunday) for teams of 4 conducted in the Blackwood Region of south-west ...

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Busselton Half Ironman 2010

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Another year along and we have come back to May and this means just one thing (well two actually my birthday is also in May - David) the Busselton Half Ironman....

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Blackwood Marathon Relay 2008

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Well I happened to sneak away for the weekend and competed in the 30th Blackwood Marathon event on Saturday. I entered this one as an Iron Man - Yes my first ever iron man ...

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Blackwood Marathon Relay 2009

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

A year has past since the Blackwood Marathon Relay 2008 - don't the years just tick over faster and faster? Last year was my first iron man event and since t

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2009 Mountain Designs Great Southern Adventure Race

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Today David competes in his second "Great Southern Adventure Race". Over 160 competitors have entered the two day event to be held this weekend (October 10th and 11th) in the ...

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Perth City to Surf Half Marathon 2010

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Well the week before the City to Surf I was having a quiet birthday drink with a friend 'Kate' and the rest of our collective families....

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Michelle's Australia Day Triathlon 2010 - Point Walter

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

The Australia Day Triathlon at Point Water is an annual event. Having watched both Leah and David compete at this venue last year I had a pretty good idea of what to expect and ...

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My first Ironman 70.3 experiences

Member: TriathlonOz - Michelle 

This year I've prepared specifically for this race and sitting here with just the lingering pains in my legs to remind me that I did it,...

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City of Perth Olympic Distance Triathlon

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Yesterday, I competed in the City of Perth Triathlon an "Olympic Distance" event, so the race distances were: Swim: 1....

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2011 Ironman WA Photos & Story

Member: TriathlonOz - Michelle 

Yesterday's Ironman WA saw around 1300 entrants front up to start the 226km race. Amongst them, were some 44 members of the North Coast tri club,...

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Mainpeak Collie Marathon Relay 2008 - The Results

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Well I made it back - there were a few hours after the event when I thought it was all over - I felt very sick in the stomach (think I may have taken in a bit of the river ...

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City Of Perth Olympic Distance Triathlon 2010

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

We are now well and truly back from our holidays over the Xmas period and it seems like ages since I competed in an event. Well today I got back into it in no small way,...

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Anaconda Adventure Race Dunsborough 2008

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Yes it appears I am a gluten for punishment and yesterday competed in the Anaconda Adventure race. This time in a team of three where I did the swim and the mountain bike legs,...

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Hillarys Triathlon 2010

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Yesterday, David and I both competed in the Pursuit Distance, Hillary's Triathlon. This was David's 3rd year at this event, this was my first - in fact,...

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Busselton Half Ironman 2008

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Well it is now over and the event was massive. 964 individuals and 274 teams. Coupled with perfect weather and a great local area we had a blast....

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Blackwood Marathon Team Relay (Bridgetown)

Member: TriathlonOz - Michelle 

Yesterday was the 33rd Blackwood Marathon Team Relay. I have no idea why it's called a marathon, its an adventure race really, with a 12k run, 8k river paddle,...

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Busselton Half Ironman 2010

Member: TriathlonOz - Michelle 

I've been to 3 previous Busso Half Ironman races, but always as the spectator/supporter for my husband. This year was my first time in the event but not yet as an individual ...

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Boar’s Head, Blue Mountains (More Dope on a Rope)

Member: The Landy 

Boar's Head is a beautiful part of the Blue Mountains situated very close to the villages of Katoomba and Leura. And only a two-hour drive to the west of Sydney......

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UCI World Cycling Tour 2011 - Perth Road Race

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

I have not long arrived home from the UCI World Cycling Tour 2011 - Perth Road Race. Oh my it was tough for me. I am not really a hill rider and there were certainly some hills ...

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Here is the TT Bike

Member: TriathlonOz - David 

Here is a pic of the trusty race bike fitted with the full race kit. It is not the content of this blog that is interesting - it is the way the blog was loaded to the server....

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