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Saturday, Aug 14, 2010 at 11:11

TriathlonOz - David

Yes it is now less than 24hrs to the 2010 Capricorn Resort Half Ironman. The place is packed now and there is now a buzz in the air.

I decided to check out the run course before breakfast today so put on the red race shoes and hit the track. Half the lap is on a tar road and the other half on a solid sand off road surface much like a lot of adventure races. It traverses a course through the bush so will afford a fair amount of sun protection during the race. I went out at a fair pace for about 6kms and decided to walk the rest. Well much to my displeasure I was in a fair amount of pain around me left knee, I had a similar pain after my long run last weekend. Bugga I do not need this. So I have now wedged my orthotics a little more to take the pressure off and dosed up on Nurofen, I am sure it will be good tomorrow but will keep up the anti-inflammatory hit to be sure. I also decided to spend about 40mins stretching and then put on the wetsuit for a short 15min swim. The knee and my mind are feeling a lot better now as I compose this sitting on the balcony of my room. So it should all be good for tomorrow.

The registration will be open in an hour or so and this will make the whole thing a lit more real. Once you have a number and timing chip the reality of what is ahead seems to hit you. I am looking forward to it now and feel I am ready to race (wishful & positive thoughts do help - so I have told). I will do another update tonight and give you all a final run down before I switch the mind fully to the task ahead.

If it's not hurting your not tri'ing!
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