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Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 11:27

TriathlonOz - Michelle

Now that Busselton is over and winter is approaching, I've focussed on a whole new routine. Gone is my familiar triathlon training routine of swim/bike/run/bricks, all according to a program of building and recovery - and in its place is fun events and training totally differently. 3 weekly weights sessions at the gym, karate once a week, swimming just once a week, a bit of experiementation with group fitness classes at the gym and RPM. But overall, the goal is to solve my knee pain so that I can rebuild my running. It's pretty clear I've had the wrong diagnosis with the knee, so I've approached the winter as time to solve it....whatever it takes!

So yesterday, I took my problem to a well-known physio that I've seen years ago but not for this issue. He immediately agreed my diagnosis could not be right given the continuing problems and treatment plan I've followed. He wired me up for some electrical nerve stimulation above and below my knee yesterday, which pulsed for about 8 minutes, and has strapped my foot and showed me a "hamstring nerve stretch" to do daily. He suggests I'm dealing with nerve dysfunction around my superior tibiofibular joint, which he is confident we can fix and within 3 months he thinks I'll be fully functional for the half marathons!

Had a good 6.5km run last night - bit of tension at first, then it all relaxed and felt the best I've been all year. I just told myself "it's all neurological so there's no damange, just switch off the pain and go!" Seemed to work ;)

This weekend I'm doing the HBF Run for a Reason - 14km run in the streets of Perth and through the tunnel. I've wanted to do this run for the past 3 years but haven't had the chance so this year I'm in.

Next up is the Perth Marathon (which I'm doing as part of a team of 4 runners, so around 12 or 14K for me).

Then, I'm undecided about C2S but have entered Western Mudd Rush - a course of 18 obstacles in mud, across an 8km circuit, sounds awesome.

David is talking to me about entering the Espresso 24-hr Adventure Race again this year... I think he thinks I'm up for it if I can be "niggle-free". Just got to get myself a mountain bike yet!!

So yes, there's tons of fun things on the calendar and we've both just signed up for another 70.3 Triathlon - an inaugural event in Albany in early January 2013 so after a really fun off-season, we'll be back into the triathlon specific training around mid October.

Loving life!

Some wish for it, others work for it!
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