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Find out what TriathlonOz.com is all about - this page briefly explains what the site offers, how to join, who we are, and how you can find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Welcome to TriathlonOz

If you love the sport of triathlon in Australia, this is the website for you. TriathlonOz.com is where you come to get connected with other triathletes around the country, share experiences, look up events, find practical & trustworthy articles to help improve your game, and generally be part of something unique. You'll find our information, articles & site tools are relevant, practical and inspiring because its about everyday Australian athletes, rather than commentary on what the pros & elites are doing. We don't write the stories - you do! Our aim is to support age group triathletes by providing you with the only Australia-wide, Triathlon-specific "information & social network". We invite you to come & be a part of it - we're dying to hear your story!

How to Join

Free Registration

TriathlonOz site registration is free - simply click the "Register" button underneath our logo at the top of the page, enter your email address and you'll receive an email with a validation code/link to setup your free account.

As a registered site user you'll not only receive our monthly newsletter, your account will enable you to post contributions to a wide variety of sections of the site. Some of these sections will be where you can offer advice to others, share your experiences or perhaps ask questions & seek input from other triathlon/multisport enthusiasts. Your free registration will also allow you to use our Pace Calculator or BMI Calculator; add new Events; create a Classifieds ad; comment on another person's Blogs; comment/review any products in our Shop or any Articles we've written.

Pay to Subscribe for Annual Membership

Whilst that's a lot you can do for free, there's a lot more that you can do on TriathlonOz if you pay the annual Membership fee. Creating your own Blogs on the site, uploading your Garmin files for training routes and races, and posting photos directly into the Forum are just 3 worthwhile features reserved for Members-only. But probably the most enticing feature is the Members-Only discount price in our Shop (always at least 5% off) - plus free overnight courier delivery* anywhere in Australia. On top of this, should you wish to create Classified ads to sell your pre-loved gear, we also offer Members unlimited free Display Ads (worth @$19.95). These features alone easily make Membership worthwhile but there are also many other small subtle features that become apparent when using the site regularly that make Membership practical, enjoyable, and rewarding.

To join as a Member you simply select the Membership item best suited to you, add it to the Shopping Cart and pay online.

Our Shop is a fully automated service so your Membership access is granted immediately following successful payment authorisation via the online system. We follow this up by posting your Membership Card & extras in the mail.

Who are we?

TriathlonOz is owned and published by Perth company I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd. Although TriathlonOz has only recently been launched, I.T. Beyond is a well established company with over 25 years experience in the I.T industry and has expertise in new and emerging technologies especially internet applications, web development and infrastructure design for small to medium business clients.

The company created ExplorOz.com in 2000 as a wholly-online business entity and community sharing concept website for 4WD & RV enthusiasts. With a unique offering to a niche market, ExplorOz.com quickly became Australia's most influential website in the self-drive tourism market and is the company’s main business focus. ExplorOz.com now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of I.T. Beyond.

The desire for I.T. Beyond to create TriathlonOz in 2011 evolved from the passion of the company’s owners, David and Michelle Martin, who are active triathletes and multisport competitors. David Martin qualified for two world championship events in 2011 (UCI World Cycling Tour (UWCT) Time Trial, and World Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, in which he raced on the challenging new Las Vegas course). David and Michelle are excited by the prospects of making TriathlonOz.com just as influential in the triathlon market as ExplorOz.com

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We are always adding great new articles and products but you'll also see what reviews, comments, questions, blogs, classifieds, and forum posts are being added by other people. You can also join in and vote in our current poll. We also run regular competitions with product giveaways from our Business Members plus, every day we have 3 selected items from our Shop that we put on mega discount pricing - these can change daily, so don't miss out on great deals!

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