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Athelete Tracking is an online tracking applications and uses your mobile phone, gps, web browser and many different tracking devices to update your position online in realtime on the iMapPlot mapping system. The EOTrackMe Athelete Tracking service is offered free as part of the TriathonOz Membership program.

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    Overview & FAQs

    ExplorOz Tracker is an online tracking service that is designed for ExplorOz Members. There is no additional cost. Just a current Member account is required. The service uses an app interface to collect position data from the GPS in your device and sync this to the server where a route line showing the path of travel is displayed on a map. The Tracker interface is available in both the ExplorOz Traveller app, and also the ExplorOz Tracker app.

    Does it track offline?

    Yes, when out of service, your device will store position data and only send/sync to the server when a connection is restored, enabling your tracking map to "catch up".

    Why use this tracking service?

    Tracking has both security and safety attributes that go way beyond letting others know where you are when you're travelling. Not only can our Members track themselves with the app on their personal devices, but you can also put the app on devices used by your loved ones. For example, you can setup up Geofence alerts to send you an SMS or email as your loved ones leave/enter specific locations like home, work, school, or you can check the app to look at the map and visually see where they are. Tracking a loved one might be done for your peace of mind, just to ensure they reach their destinations safely and on-time. You can even track their adventures on boats, in planes, on bikes or even just out running! Tracking is available worldwide and has endless possibilities. ExplorOz Tracker is not just limited to travelling. It's all about peace-of-mind and being able to know that you can track down a person's last known position to speed up a search and recovery if necessary.

    What information is tracked and how is it used?

    The Tracker service will use the position data to draw a route line on a map showing the path you have travelled. This might occur in real-time whilst your device is connected, or there might be a delay if your device is out of service. Only the name you assign to your Device, and your ExplorOz Member Screen Name is displayed. If tracking has commenced and you go out of service, the tracking map will display your last known position and date/time at last position. Once your device reconnects, all the new positions will be used to extend the route line and enable the map to "catch up". If tracking continues over multiple days, the location of the device at the time of date change will be recorded and shown with an icon labelled with the stop number, ie. 1, 2, 3. 4.

    Who can see my tracking?

    During your travels, you can choose to have your tracking set to Private or Public. When the tracking is set to Public, anyone with the link to the Tracker webpage will be able to view your tracking map. If you change the setting to Private, people will need to enter your SECURITY KEY password to unlock the map. On the ExplorOz Tracker webpage is a panel showing a map of Australia. Dots are displayed on the map to show the last synced positions of all Member devices with the Public tracking setting. Devices with Private settings are not shown and the only way for someone to obtain the link to your tracking is if you send them the Direct Link from your device.

    Can I Save Tracking

    Whilst this is an active tracking service, we do provide the facility to Save/Archive your tracking. Please refer to the User Manual for further information. The User Manual is located within the app as a PDF, and also shown as a PDF download from this page in the Support Help section below.

    How many devices can I track?

    Within your Member account we allow up to five (5) tracking devices. Each device has its own individual map display, which you can name to help identify the unit.

    Data Collection Privacy

    ExplorOz is owned by I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd - a small, private, and fully Australian owned company. We do not share, sell, or distribute the data collected via the use of any of our services to any other organisation.

    Support Help

    Before contacting us for support, please ensure you have checked the FAQs below.
    Instructions for setting up a SPOT device
    SPOT devices are supported in Tracker via the use of the SPOT XML feed option. To set-up your SPOT device to be visible on Tracker do the following:-

    • STEP 1: Login to your SPOT account
    • STEP 2: Click on the XML Feed tab
    • STEP 3: Click the "Create XML Feed" option (or if you've already got an XML Feed click the View Details link & skip step 4
    • STEP 4: Name the feed something like SPOT XML Interface and complete the page setup - you will need to select all "Location messages to share" and select "YES" for Share Message Detail, and ensure Security setting is "Public"
    • STEP 5: Copy the ID that appears alongside "Your XML Feed ID" and then click this link: REGISTER SPOT DEVICE and paste the ID.
    The XML feed for your SPOT to ExplorOz will now be active, however you should return to this page (ExplorOz Tracker), and open the section labelled: "My Tracking Control Panel". Click "My Devices" to select your SPOT device and customise the set-up (including Device Name and Security Options). Once movement has been detected outside the Geofence you've got assigned, a map will appear in the My Tracking Control Panel with the label "Active Tracking". If you have more than 1 device in your account, each device that has been tracking will have it's own map. Management of tracking is done per device - includes Clear, Save, and Edit options. Please refer to the Tracker User Manual for more information.
    User Manual
    The app includes a User Manual in PDF format, however for your convenience you might like to print it from here. See the latest version of the User Manual updated June 18 2021.


    Do I need to be a Member to use Tracker?

    Yes, tracking is a Member's-Only service. If you have already purchased the ExplorOz Traveller app and are not already a member, a special concession is made so that you can purchase Membership from our Shop for the discounted rate of only $29.95 (this discount will automatically apply if you log into the site before purchase with the account that is linked to your app account). If you have purchased Membership first, and then purchase the app, this discount is not retrospective - ie. refunds are not provided. Pricing is calculated at the time of order and is displayed based on your account profile status so remember to always log in to enjoy your benefits.

    Can I have more than 1 device being tracked at the same time?

    Yes. Each device that is registered to your account will appear under the map in the My Tracking section of your Member Profile. If you are an app user, then the My Tracking will appear in the My App Control Panel also located on the ExplorOz website Home Page, and on the ExplorOz Traveller webpage. Go to the Devices list in the My Tracking section to access the user settings for tracking this device. Note that you "name" each device individually to help you identify them. You can also independently setup Security locks on each device. All devices in your account will use the same GeoFences (use these to block tracking in defined zones, eg. to obscure the exact location of sensitive locations such as your home, or places you go to frequently). Movements inside these Geofences is never published.

    I want my Friends and Family to be able to view my tracking, how do I do this?

    Login into the website, click your Account, then click View Member Profile. Other people can view this page, however only you can control what is shown on this page. If you have already setup/registered your device to the tracking service you will see a tab on your page with the heading "My Tracking". If you use the ExplorOz Traveller app for tracking, then just use the My App Control panel (located on the home page of the website) to access My Tracking.

    When you view My Tracking you will also see a section labelled Devices. If you have multiple devices they will all be here. You can click on each device to manage the settings for tracking independently. You will see options to control device security (this means you can make a device publicly visible or password protected). You will also see a Direct Link. You will need to provide this Direct Link for your tracking device to anyone who you chose to view your tracking. Remember to also provide the Security Key if you don't wish to have your device tracking automatically visible.

    By default, each device will have security activated and by default the security key (password) will be the same as the one used in your ExplorOz account login. NOTE: to change your security key, go into your Account, click EDIT ACCOUNT and you'll see you have 2 fields, one for password, one for security key. You can change these are desired.

    I have installed EOTrackMe Android but cant get to the Settings Page to enter my User ID, how do I do this?

    The Settings menu you are looking for is your device settings, not app settings.

    I have a new Android phone (had the EOTrackMe for Android app (not ExplorOz Traveller) on a previous Android Device), how do I install EOTrackMe and do I need to pay again?

    Your Trackerregistration is linked to your Member account, so all you need to do is download the EOTrackMe for Android app from the Play Store again (free) and enter your User ID as per the "Instructions for setting up Android Devices", this will complete the registration of the device, you do not need to pay for a new registration.

    I am running a tracking device, and it says it was last seen recently, but there is no tracking map why?

    We create an automatic Geo-fence at a 2km radius around the home address supplied in your profile. If you have not travelled outside of this area yet, your tracking will not display.

    Can I embed my tracking map onto a website/Wordpress/social media?

    We have a specific embed page for EOTrackMe maps, however this will only work on websites that support iFrames. For Wordpress or Social Media sites such as Facebook, you can only post the link to your tracking map. You can obtain the direct link using the process described above (but instead of copying and pasting this link into an email you just paste the link into a post).

    My tracking map is looking very messy - how do I tidy it up?

    Below your tracking map you'll see 3 options - Save/Archive, Download, Clear/Delete. Use any of these options (self explanatory). Note than when you use the Save/Archive you will not lose anything - your route will simply be reformatted into a Track Log and will then appear in the My Track Logs section further down your Member Profile page. Ideally, you should use this function to save logical track segments of trips, and not let your tracking run for the whole trip. But it's up to you.

    My tracking shows recording errors such as long straight lines instead of following the path of the road - why is this and I can I fix it?

    All tracking is a series of straight lines from point to point. The most accurate tracking occurs when the points are closer together, and this is usually achieved by using the ExplorOz Traveller app. If the app is not receiving a GPS position update and you have moved then the gap between points will create a straight line section from the last received point to the next. Be aware that from time to time, your GPS sensor might pick up erroneous position data - this is possible with mobile devices that switch between using both A-GPS and GPS systems. It is also possible that the GPS sensor in your device might stop - a device reboot will generally restart it. If your tracking has a few glitches, it is possible to edit out GPS errors from your tracking after you have saved/archived (ie use the Edit option in your Track Log file). If you are very particularly you could even download your tracking file in GPX format and use a more robost editting tools such as what you'd find in a mapping software program like OziExplorer to do this. You can then upload the fixed file back to Track Logs and it will reappear on your account.

    In general, the best practise for achieving tracking accuracy is to keep your device Location Settings set to Always. Keep your device powered and on when moving, AND keep the app running when moving.

    My Tracking Control Panel

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