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New options and rates just announced! Find out how to have your business/products featured on TriathlonOz.

Direct Bookings

Whatever the size of your business, you can book direct with us. The entry-level option is Business Membership, an annual subscription to use the site and its interactive features, providing you with a Business Profile page hosted on TriathlonOz, and a Blog to allow you to engage with the audience for 12 months for only $200. Simply take this link for online booking & payment.

To book an online advertising campaign, we offer a range of options that can be added to the entry level Business Membership. These options can be customised to suit both your budget, and the product/service you provide. Options include: Graphic Display (banners), Page Sponsoring, and Keyword campaigns, plus advertorials and Graphic Display (Island/MREC) in our fortnightly newsletters sent via email to all registered site users/subscribers. Please call us to discuss your needs.


When you join, we'll place a link on our Home Page to your Business Profile. This is an exclusive feature position to promote our "latest" Business Member. In addition, we'll also feature your business (logo, link & summary of products/services) in our next monthly newsletter. Join our Member Rewards & Loyalty Program - simply include a "Member Reward" offer and we'll promote this on our Member Rewards page (edit/change as often as you need through your online account).

Booking via Google Tools

TriathlonOz also serves AdWords & Graphic Ads via Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). This means that in addition to being able to take direct bookings, which we manage on your behalf, you can alternatively book and manage your ads yourself, using Google Adwords or even Google DoubleClick for Advertisers. TriathlonOz is part of the Google Display Ad Network, so simply select ads by placement and enter our website.

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