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What is the Forum?

Content published in this Forum is NOT sanctioned, reviewed, nor endorsed by I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd. The Forum is a specific area for community comment and discussion on relevant topics. The Forum is designed to offer our audience a medium for the open exchange of opinions, comments, and ideas. Within this Forum, members of the public can gain access to publish information via the tools provided with site registration. As we do not employ the people who publish the content that appears in the Forum, it is governed by its own set of Rules, which constitute your terms of use and guide your code of conduct.

Moderation Policy

Moderation PolicyIt is a condition of use that you agree to the Forum Rules. Therefore, we expect people to take responsibility for their own actions when communicating in the Forum. An Alert Moderator button is provided within each post to enable anyone to send a message to the Moderation Term for attention. It is not the role of Moderators to identify Rule Breaches. Moderators are individual volunteers that are passionate Forum users that have been appointed by the site owners with tools to facilitate day to day management of the Forum activity. See Moderation Policy.

Legal Threats Policy

Legal Threats PolicyThis policy clearly covers our stance in the instance of receiving a vexatious threat against ExplorOz, I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd, its staff or its moderators. See Legal Threats Policy.

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