2009 Mountain Designs Great Southern Adventure Race

Saturday, Oct 10, 2009 at 12:31

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Today David competes in his second "Great Southern Adventure Race". Over 160 competitors have entered the two day event to be held this weekend (October 10th and 11th) in the Great Southern town of Denmark (WA).Last year, this event was a DNF for his team (only 1 team of a field of 50 actually finished) so the pressure is on to better their effort and make it to the end, however after last month's 7th placing in the 24 Hour Expresso Adventure Race the team may actually have eyes on a competitive placing.

Competitors in the event will race in teams of four, with only three on the course at one time, covering almost 200kms over two days. The course has been a mystery to entrants and was only revealed to competitors last night at the briefing held in the Denmark Township.

The race consists of 2 stages over the two days. Stage racing is a little different to expedition style racing and allows for a rest between each stage and a faster pace of racing.

The lead up to this event involved setting up mountain bike, paddle, kayak, running gear, navigational equipment, flares, first aid and other mandatory safety equipment, shoes, hydration packs and plenty of food for the event. David is also attempting to film the race using the new helmet cam.

The inaugural event held in Albany last year in September 2008 was a shocker but David and his team have come back for another attempt.

The Rapid Ascent Homepage is apparently geared up to provide updates as the weekend of adventure unfolds - I think David's team name is "Are we there yet?" I'll keep an eye on the updates and if anything comes in I'll update this blog throughout the weekend.

So join with me and think of him when you sip your coffee, or sit on the lounge today - he's out there sweating it out in pain! Me? I think I'll go bake a cake!

I received a call from David at 4.15pm. They are still racing so that's good news. The bad news is that David is injured and was currently "sitting out" his strongest stage (bike) after taking a fall (stumbled over a boulder) when running downhill (cross-country) at the 2km mark of a 30km run today. He completed the run injured and then did the ropes stage (abseiling and a flying fox which he said was unreal) so is now in quite a bit of pain. His rest is only to be short lived as there is still the last stage of the day - a 5km river paddle, which he will do and either Rob or Clyde will take a rest (both of them have been going all day non-stop). David says Rob is a machine! He's had his chat with me to stoke up the attitude a bit I think (he seemed disappointed in himself), so hopefully I helped? Someone has to sit out each leg - so he would actually be letting the team down to continue injured. The expectation is that they'll finish today's stages by nightfall - a much better position than last year when they found themselves hopelessly lost at midnight and unable to complete the 2nd last stage. A good night's rest back at their cabin and off again for a 5am start to receive new course details and racing commences at 6am with an ocean paddle. The weather is foul - howling winds, drenching rain, freezing cold. What more would you expect from a South West adventure race?

Well, I've just checked the results page and found that the guys have finished the day in 15th position (out of 38). "Provisional" results can be seen on this page: Results. Look for Bib #39.

Today's results page shows the team came in 12th position for stage 2.

I've just had a call from David who is at the presentations. They came in 14th place overall. (He said there were 42 teams, so not sure about the previsional results page from yesterday that said 38 teams). He said he now has some good footage using the helmet cam, so when he's back maybe he'll upload a bit of footage so we can all "experience" what an Adventure Race is all about.

The video footage below contains some language - this was a tough event and a team of blokes do speak like a team of blokes - so be warned.
If it's not hurting your not tri'ing!
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