Hillarys Triathlon 3 days to go

Thursday, Mar 27, 2008 at 10:58

TriathlonOz - David

Visited the physio yesterday for some treatment on the right knee which has been playing up for the last few weeks. Results of this visit are ice packs, nurofen and keep going.

Hit the road this morning for the usual ride, decided to take the event circuit and see how I go. 3 laps of a road circuit along the beach front at Hillarys (just down the road from our house). At the start point set the computer and go. Riding along (with the traffic this time, the roads will be closed on Sunday) computer tells me doing 35km/hr having a great ride then the computer say 20, 15, 10 and stopped then go again then 40km/hr and so on. Well that is great trying to time my run and the bike computer craps itself. Decided computers are all a PITA. So went back to using the good old fashion time and rode the 3 laps in around 40 mins. This is not that great was hoping to do about 35 mins, maybe that new bike will come sooner rather than later.

Having completed the ride I headed home to try to fix the computer and I have since found that the cadence transmitter and computer battery are both a little low. Will have to head to the shops today to get a few new batteries and try them out on my short ride to the beach this afternoon.

This afternoon will be a short ride to the beach and a run about 1km and a swim about 1km. Tomorrow morning I am thinking of completing the training with a run and then resting myself and the knee for a day and a half before the event.


If it's not hurting your not tri'ing!
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