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Thursday, Mar 07, 2013 at 19:51

TriathlonOz - David

Gee it has been ages since I wrote a blog - wondering why? Well I have been injured for so long now it almost seems crazy.

I did compete in the Albany Half on 5th Jan but I was already injured with a groin/hamstring strain. This injury happened about 2 weeks from the race day on a training ride and did it hurt. Anyway I stopped training much and then went to the race. Rode well ran like crap.

Since then I have been lazy and crapped off so did not create a blog at the time but have a look at Michelle's Blog. She did a great job but I have not put up my results and race report (maybe I should get it done).

Since the Albany race I was told to rest for up to 4 weeks to recover. OK, I decided this was fine as it was May when the next 70.3 race is on in Busselton. So I did what I was told and switched early mornings & training for late nights and drinking.

Well at near the end of the 4 weeks I was doing something silly - wringing out my swimmers in the shower on a Monday morning beginning of Feb and whack, pain, hurt, ouch. I slipped a disc in my upper back/neck. OMG I have not hurt so much for a long time, it put me on the ground in pain. Consequently after a few trips to the physio, I was told 4-6 weeks no swimming, riding or running. Oh crap from bad to bloody bad.

This injury was so bad, I had headaches all the time, worse in the morning. Tooth/Jaw pains enough to send me to the dentist for x-rays and check ups having to wear a neck brace was just the pits. I was in such a state for a few days I was saying I was heading up to the main road to stand in front of on-coming trucks - it was horrible.

Well 5 weeks after this the headaches have subsided and I am not taking any pain pills now. I have had two rides this week - yeah, finally. I am not felling to bad except for the total loss of all fitness and extra weight. I have a quick fire 8-9 weeks before the next 70.3 race. Will I be ready maybe, maybe not. I still have not swum or run, maybe next week.

So there is the main reason for me being a non blogger for the last few months. But I guess I will have something to talk about now as I try to get ready for Busso.

If it's not hurting your not tri'ing!
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