Cyclo Sportif Event - Cicla a Swan Valley 62km Team Ride

Sunday, Jun 28, 2009 at 14:40

TriathlonOz - David

Well after the first event Le Lancelin Legathon I accepted a place on the next race in the North Coast Tri Clubs Nyalators Team for the Swan Valley event.

This race had a few different team members and we had a good hard and fast ride for the day finishing second in the B distance race. It was a tough day with strong winds and some rain to make to going just that little bit harder. Our time was 1:53:27 making the average 33 km/hr which is closer to how I ride in most events.

It was a good team ride and apart frm the wind and rain had a really good ride. This was followed by lunch and watching the track racing at the Midland Speed Dome where we were able to watch several world and national champs and Olympic gold medal winners. Being able to see these people in action and having had a good ride made it a great day out.

I am wondering why I am always at the back when the photographers are around. I spend most of the race at the front of the pack and only drop back a few times for a drink and food break. Anyway it is a team event and we all rode well for this event.


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