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Friday, Aug 13, 2010 at 14:44

TriathlonOz - David

Ah, I am starting to get into this pity I have to race on Sunday. As I write this update I am sitting in a pool lounge with the pictured water feature in front of me getting about 3/4 the way thru the book I purchased yesterday.

I have been to town today and got some supplies, lollies and basic foodstuffs. Then came back and hit the road on the bike at about 12:00 to do a lap of the course. I hit the lap just little under full pace 38km/hr and yes it is a little rough but it is what it is. I am starting to relax now and am starting to enjoy the experience. It is different on your own but with years of solo work trips (in a past life) it is a really nice place to be.

The other pics are of the surrounding island just off the coast and the northern end of town. I snapped these when I was on the bike.

Will head over to the merchandise stand soon and check out the action surrounding the event. More later!



If it's not hurting your not tri'ing!
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