Espresso 24 Hour Adventure Race - This weekend

Wednesday, Aug 08, 2012 at 10:58

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Oh my god what was I thinking! Why did I even suggest it!

Well I guess it is a challenge and I reckon life is about challenging yourself and striving to achieve something (at least that is what I tell myself). The 24 hour is on this weekend and preparations are under way to get the gear out of hibernation, dust off the compass and lube the zippers.

The last AR I did I decided that I had to have a new MTB before the next race so about 6 weeks ago I took delivery of a Trek Superfly carbon bike. I have only managed to get about 150kms on it but have done hundreds of road kms lately. SO the bike leg will be OK.

When it comes to the paddling leg I am going to be calling on my team mates to pull (or paddle) me through the race as it has been awhile since I paddled. In this race the 2 person blow up, no steering, leaky, heavy boats will again be used so at least I will have someone in the boat to ensure we get to the end.

For the running stages I am happy enough as I have done a few runs lately and all lingering issues from Busselton have gone, at least if I only run up to 12kms.

I did dust off the compass this week and tested that it still pointed north, so navigation will be no problem. Bull bleep, navigation is always the most difficult part of these races and having to be on the go for 24 hours straight is tough even without a map and compass. The worst part of navigation is getting the team off course (and it is easy to do and happens each time) and then knowing you will be hassled about it for days, weeks and even years to come. Ah the joys of team races.

So bring it on I say, we are getting up early and driving down on the Saturday. Seems dumb getting up early to stay awake for 24 hours but we reckon we will get a better sleep at home than a one night stay in a hotel (this is generally right). It will also keep us apart until the day of the race and this could be a good thing when it hist 4-5AM on Sunday morning in the rain.

Oh I love it - at least that is what I will continue to tell myself. I will post up more details as we get closer. I will not be able to post during as we are not allowed to turn on the emergency phone or have any communications equipment. I may be able to carry a GPS tracking device and if allowed you will be able to follow us on our Athlete Tracking system right here on TriathlonOz.

If it's not hurting your not tri'ing!
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