Training Program Week 13 (Taper Week 1) (World Champs Las Vegas 2011)

Sunday, Sep 04, 2011 at 12:00

TriathlonOz - David

Well it is only now 1 week till race day - I just have to transport myself, family, bike, race gear and enough stuff for a 5 week holiday to the US. We head over on Monday leaving Perth at 5AM to fly to Sydney, then Sydney to LA and LA to LV all in the space of about 28 hours give or take a few hours. I am not looking forward to that and the -17 hour time shift. Anyway no point complaining just get it done.

We have booked the hotels & hire car for LV so all we need to do is get there in one piece. We are all getting excited now and my head is finally starting to switch into race mode. I had a great multi brick session yesterday (Saturday) and felt really good so just need to finalise the packing and make it happen.

This was a taper week but it started a little heavy with trying to pick up a decent brick sessions early to try to make it for the lost ground of last week. I tried to run after a 65km ride on Monday but it was just not going to happen, had horrible gut cramps and pains so walked home and decided to try again on Tuesday. I was able to get more done on Tuesday and the rest of the week went well all sessions felt good.

I did miss the 10km morning run on Wednesday as I bricked the session on Tuesday. So as mentioned I am starting to feel much better now just need to get into the 40deg C temps and get a feel for the course.

LV here we come........

My next updates will be on the ground in LV unless I am really bored on the flight to Sydney. Till next we blog.
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