Mainpeak Multisport 2012 - Wrap Up

Sunday, Sep 09, 2012 at 14:00

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Wow, huge, awesome, hot, hilly, buggered and finished. These are some of the words that come to mind at the completion of the Mainpeak Multisport race from Toodyay to Perth (Houghtons Winery) that was on today.

I was entered in a team of three competing in the open 18-39 field as Robin our runner (aka the baby) was not old enough to get us a slot in vets. Anyway we all went in with our own expectations of personal performance and I am happy to report that we all were within minutes (or better) of our expected times.

The day started out in the bloody cold of Toodyay at 6:30am start time. We did spend a warm couple of hours getting there in the car so the day really started out for me at least at 3:50am. The weather report said 29-30 for the day so we were expecting a little warmer start but it did not take long for the temp to rise.

Leg 1 was a 7.5km run around Toodyay which was were Robin took control and did a good time. There were some darn runners in the field with the first guy coming in 27 mins.

Leg 2 was a 63km cycle and the batten (aka timing chip) was strapped to my leg for this stage. It was a hilly hit out. I went hard for the whole stage and managed to pass about 15 riders who all sat on my tail for the majority of the stage. We did some roll overs but I did spend a considerable amount of time in the lead. The lighter wheels on my bike made the hills easier and I was able to fly up the hills in this stage. With some respect I think from my fellow riders I was given the stage as we were rolling over at the time.

Leg 3 was a 22km cycle so the timing chip stayed on my leg and we did not have to even slow down. I felt a little worse for wear at the start of this stage but thought 22kms easy. Well I was wrong it was hilly-er than the first leg. I was riding along around the front of the group with my newly found mate on a Cannonade TT bike and cruising along nicely when at about the 76km mark cramp took over my left leg and I was subsequently dropped from my group. I was hurting and there is a photo of me with the lolly bag in my mouth trying to sugar my way out of the problem. I was able to get going again albeit slower than I wanted as every hill was causing the cramp to return. However I made it to the end and almost fell over when I got off the bike trying to get to Robin.

Leg 4 was a tough 19km trail run and it was getting hotter all the time. Robin was again on the go for this stage and he did a great time pulling back a few of the places I lost due to the cramps.

Leg 5 was a paddle from Walunga NP to Bells and Clyde my usual paddle mate was then handed the batten chip. Lucky Clyde was able to sleep in and did not even have to be at the start till after 10:30am - ah the easy day for the paddlers. But the extra sleep in was where it ended and Clyde powered through this section to Bells. Having done the Avon Descent 9 or so times helps in picking the lines and he did a great job.

Leg 6 was a flat water paddle for 16km from Bells to Houghtons. This was a hard section of the paddle as the river does not give much assistance. Clyde did a good job and we met up again at the winery for the last leg.

Leg 7 the last effort a 700m sprint/team run to the end. It was great to see the finish line and have our families there to cheer us on.

So well done boys. 8th overall in a gun field with national competitors is a great effort. Next year when the young one is a little older we will have to go for the veterans win. So Clyde and Robin you have 12 months to prepare for next year.

If it's not hurting your not tri'ing!
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