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Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012 at 16:18


As part of my exercise regime I do a lot of strength and weight training, utilising both free-weights and body weight exercises. This in addition to my rowing on the C2 rower.

A large part of my strength training has been in the lower repetition range and higher weights, usually following a tried, tested, and proven 5x5 routine (5 x repetitions / x 5 sets). And this is focussing on all the big compound exercises, such as squat, dead-lift, overhead press, and bench press. In the warmer months I drag a sled around the park.

As part of my preparation for mountaineering I have had to do a rethink of what is best for that style of activity, high intensity rowing will work well for building anaerobic capacity for higher altitude climbs, but the strength and lifting exercises needed a rethink. I thought look no further than what the military do for training, especially the elite forces such as the SAS. The Australian Military website has a great fitness program that is designed as a 13 week lead-in to the SAS selection course. Whilst I haven’t been following it specifically I have moved to weight bearing exercises in the 20-30 repetition range. I’m still following my tried and tested program, just changed the weights and the volume.

For those interested in this style of training the link follows. Under Special Forces Selection click on the 13-week Special Forces selection program and it opens as a word document. It’s a great read!

Special Forces Training

Cheers, Baz
Cheers, Baz (The Landy)
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