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This page of specials and discounts is available only to TriathlonOz Members.

Membership Entitlements

Using TriathlonOz will feel different when you are a Member due to all the inbuilt features designed to provide the optimal online experience:
  • Upgrades your registered profile status from Visitor to Member; create your Avatar photo & quote; customise your Member-only Profile Page with info & photo gallery, supports upload of your Garmin activity files and you can create Blogs (with photos, video, garmin logs etc). Your Profile Page will be found via the Find a Member page.

  • 5% discount off everything in the TriathlonOz online Shop, plus delivery by courier for orders over $150

  • Get free display ads (saving $19.95 each time) to sell your preloved gear in the Classifieds

  • Download Garmin activity files from other Members

  • Find and contact other Members. Members are listed (by screen name) in the Members List, linking to each Members' Profile Page.

  • Contact other Members using the TriathlonOz Member Message service - (short text private message system). You'll see a flashing icon when messages arrive for you, or opt-in to receive an additional email alert.

  • Redeem any discount/offer as promoted in our Members Rewards Program (offered by our Business Members).

  • Opt-in to receive emails containing Forum content to all posts you participate in.

  • All your Forum posts will contain tags to link others to your member Profile Page, your Blogs, and any Classified Ads you may be running.

  • You'll see the "Suppress Advertisement" option alongside ads - click to remove ads from view.

  • Get free TriathlonOz stickers to put on your bike frame, helmet, wheels or vehicle. This is included in your Membership Pack with a new Membership Card.
When your Membership is processed, we create an account record for you. You'll receive an email confirming your login details and how to setup and customise your Member Profile Page, and how to utilise all the site features of Membership. We'll also send you a Membership Package (Membership Card and Sticker) in the snail mail.

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