TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 6

2nd September 2011. Here's 7 new articles to get you motivated about your nutrition, and training during Spring to help you get ready for the start of the summer racing season.

Edition 6: 2nd September 2011

Hi TriathlonOz Reader and welcome to Spring!

Do you sometimes find yourself needing motivation? Do you ever wonder where your inspiration for the next event will come from? Do you have burning questions about your training, nutrition or weight management? Or do you feel proud of a result and want to share it amongst people who really understand? is the website that ticks all the boxes for someone like you. Read on for what's new...

Training - Articles, Tips & Techniques

Here's 3 new articles we've just added to the Training topic:

Strength Training

This article focuses on the importance of strength training in an athlete’s routine to improve the strength, size and anaerobic aspect of the skeletal muscles, and reduce injuries.
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Coming Next Month: Rest & Recovery, Transition.

Periodization - the basics

Once you embrace the lifestyle of the triathlete, there comes a time when you appreciate the need for balance in your training and racing cycles. This article briefly outlines the basic principles of "periodization" and provides links to excellent references for further reading.
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Training Programs and Coaches

This article highlights the pros and cons of DIY triathlon training programmes versus engaging the services of a professional coach. The choice is yours depending on your individual needs for support, guidance and direction and of course budget but here we outline what to consider before making that decision.
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Nutrition - Articles, Tips & Techniques

Here's 2 new articles we've just added to the Nutrition topic:

Weight Management

For any athlete sports nutrition plays an important role in performance, however, for those who want to lose weight, a diet with higher protein, and lower carbohydrate could be the solution - and here's why...
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Great Snack Ideas

This article is for hungry athletes looking for what to eat in between meals that are fulfilling, nutritious and won't compromise your weight management goals. We include low-carb, low-fat, high protein snacks that can be served up at home in less than 10 minutes.
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Triathlon - Articles, Tips & Techniques

Here's 2 new articles we've just added to the Triathlon topic:

Travelling to Events

If you're about to jump on a plane or drive long distance to an event, you'll find our tips and advice both practical and useful to ensure everything runs smoothly.
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Triathlon Race Tactics

This article looks at various aspects relating to race day preparation, plus we provide some individual and competitive tactics you can master as well as important strategies to develop for a winning edge on each of the swim, bike and run legs.
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Tips for Using TriathlonOz

The site revolves around the community feel of helping one another with training, nutrition, motivation and more through Forum, Blogs, Articles, and Member communication tools. So don't just sit back and read the articles, get involved! The best place to start is the Forum...

If you're looking for a bit of advice, why not create a new thread in the Forum? The people using the site are a bit like you - maybe more experienced, maybe less but the point is they all understand the personal drive that unifies us in our love of exercising and testing our limits. So don't feel shy, this is a unique audience and quite possibly you'll find lots of new friends out there, if not get practical responses to whatever you want to discuss. Use the Forum to post Questions, Comments, Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions and just about anything you want to say that is relevant to our core themes of triathlon and multisport and all that goes with it.

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Ironman 70.3 World Championships

If you've been keeping up to date with the blogs written by TriathlonOz site owner David, you'll see he's started the taper and heads off to Vegas, Nevada USA in a few days time for Worlds. Our new branded race kit has arrived so as our first "sponsored" athlete he'll be looking great on the course! Temperatures are currently soaring in the 40's - so it's going to be a bit of shock for the Aussies who've been training through winter conditions. This is only the 2nd international race for David and is his first time in a World Championship event. Stay in touch, through David's blog which he'll update when away.

How are we promoting ourselves?

Look out for our first print ads appearing in the September, October and November editions of the Triathlon & Multisport Magazine. West Aussies will also see us attend the TWA Season Launch on Thursday 29th September, where we'll have a stand with some information and some great giveaways on the night. (Check your TWA email for more information). And also on the local front, we've teamed up with Sports Performance to provide all participants in any of their Events this season with goodies in the race bags, including a $10 gift voucher for spending in our online shop.

We've also recently given away 3 Memberships (@$29.95) in a recent Facebook competition. Find us on Facebook at www.facebook/triathlonoz - make sure you LIKE our Facebook page to receive our daily news feeds.

We also appeal to you to tell more people about us. The more people that know about TriathlonOz, the better the site will become as its all about the people, the stories and the community that you'll create. Please help us by telling your friends, your tri-club, your gym, anyone you know who enjoys the challenge of multisport!

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