TriathlonOz Newsletter - Issue 9

3rd February 2012. Read our latest newsletter with tons of news, special offers, blogs, reviews, and practical hints on how to get the most from using the TriathlonOz website.

Edition 9: 3rd February 2012

Hi TriathlonOz Reader and welcome to our belated January newsletter! If you're receving this, then you're already registered on so in this newsletter, we'll explain how you can use the website and what's new, and what's on special and loads more.

Australia Day Triathlons

A very popular patriotic day out for Perth's triathlon scene is the Point Walter Australia Day triathlon. TriathlonOz was there - read our blog, see the photos and find out who won the prize draw...

Not from WA? Come to the Forum and tell us what you did instead!

See us in Australian Triathlete Magazine

This year, we're hoping to generate a big following in the Australian triathlon market so we've signed up a big commitment in this magazine with ads in each edition throughout the season. Grab yourself a copy and look for the promotional codes, special offers , competitions and giveaways. Plus, look for us in the popular bi-annual women's issue - the Pink Edition (on sale Feburary 29).

Workout Training Guides Giveaway

Because you're receiving this newsletter, you're already entered into our current competition. To win all you need to do is keep your newsletter subscription active and you're in with a chance to win a prize drawn on April 17, containing these 4 great workout training guides plus an annual Membership (total prize worth $225).

Share this with your friends on Facebook, or send this newsletter to anyone you know that might be interested and they can enter the draw to win just by setting up a Registered profile on (click register and enter email address).

Win a $50 Gift Voucher

Our online shop is bursting with around 200 awesome products specifically selected for triathletes or people that train (or want to train) in a particular discipline (swimming, cycling, running). So how would you like to win a $50 gift voucher to spend as you like on anything in our Shop - which includes Sports Nutrition, Training Guide books and DVDs, Transition Gear, Outdoor Gear & Apparel. To win, all you have to do is enter a "Review" on the product page for any item currently in stock. Of course, you need to own or have used the product you are reviewing and your review should be useful, and truthful. This is an ongoing giveaway, every month we draw one lucky winner from all the product reviews received during the previous month. Someone will win each month!

Michelle's Top Picks

In the sport of Triathlon I believe that we should be learning all the time, and thankfully there's tons of quality books written by the world's top coaches, former Olympians, and sports scientists to give us that information. One of the things I love about my job is the access I have to fantastic books through our Shop. Every few weeks I select a few books for reviewing. I usually pick something that interests me personally so that I can give a review from a personal perspective. If I don't like it, I say why but equally positive comments are given with consideration to how it compares to other books I've seen on the topic, value for money, relevance to the Australian market and so on. So here's what I've been reading lately (click to see online, including more reviews).

Finally, a dedicated weight management book for seriously active people. Triathletes are particularly susceptible to rapid weight gain when training volume decreases but this book explains why, and how you can avoid that. It also contains modern, practical tips you can follow to get race-lean by increasing lean muscle, or to simply lose excess kilos without losing your energy for training.

Now selling on TriathlonOz for $29.71 (or $6.99 less for Members)
I don't like the title personally, probably because as triathletes we are "testing" ourselves regularly, but this covers some ground for people that just run for the sake of it, and would like to know how to improve. It provides tips for structuring your run routines and is full of all the important facts that runners need to know. I've uncovered some solutions to many of the problems I often encounter as bi-mechancially I'm not built for running but love the freedom of running outdoors and the challenge to cross a finish line in a triathlon. I'd say its best suited to new runners or triathletes that need to work on their running.

Now selling on TriathlonOz for $25.46 (or $5.99 less for Members)
This book shows women precisely how to use weights correctly. I like that the majority of the book is the workouts themselves without the theory to interrupt the flow of just getting it done, so its a practical book that you'll actually use in your gym. A separate chapter provides bodyweight exercises (without weights) and another chapter for just using hand-weights, which is what I was most interested in, although I'm now a bit more inclined to have a go at the gym, now that I know how!

Now selling on TriathlonOz for $24.95.

I've also chosen the 4 workout guides that are the prize for our April giveaway. I have to make a special mention of the Swim Workouts book. Both David and I are using them for every swim session and really enjoying the process. These are tough sets but very valuable routines if you're keen to improve your swim. Oh, and we know they are waterproof because our copy gets a soaking every time. Great concept!

Triathlon Gear - Buy/Sell in the Classifieds

Everyone loves to browse/buy online for bargains and selling this way is easy, fast and provides a great way to make a bit of spare cash from things you no longer use. Why not check through your garage, shed, boxes and drawers for things you can sell online in our Classifieds

To create a Classified ad simply choose one of the For Sale options, and follow the prompts to enter the details of your product. No private details are shown online until the potential buyer clicks the "Contact Seller" link, for which they need to be registered to access. Sellers can choose to provide a phone number and/or take enquires via this email redirection service we provide for the initial contact. There is no selling fee and no buyers fee. Your ads can stay online for up to 6 months (Premium). Text Ads are free (no photos), or from only $19.95 you can create Display Ads with photos.

Create unlimited Display ads at no charge throughout your annual membership period.

Read Triathlon Blogs (by novices, age groupers and real people!)

Most other blog services are not part of a themed community and the problem is the only way people can find your blog is when you've sent them the link. In contrast, TriathlonOz Blogs are visible to everyone that comes to the website. Since everyone on TriathlonOz is part of the Australian triathlon and multisport scene, you'll instantly reach genuine people who are just like you. Rather than just reaching a small handful of people, your stories can reach hundreds of people. As the Blog author you can set controls for who can post a comment in your blogs (everyone, no-one or only other members).

To write a blog, you need to have an annual Membership. There are two ways to get this:-

  • Purchase Membership (join & pay online through our shop) or
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This Month's Member Spotlight - Baz (the Landy), from NSW

We've decided to feature one very special member in particular that has shared his training journey through his blogs on TriathlonOz for an upcoming event that starts next week. If you've missed it so far, please let us introduce you to Baz (the Landy) from NSW. This corporate banking executive does not have a triathlon background, but is a kayaker/powerlifter/hiker and has set his sights on a gruelling two-day mountain race that will see him traverse the South Island of New Zealand from the Tasman Sea to the Pacific Ocean by running 36km (including a mountain stage crossing the Southern Alps), kayaking 67 of the grade two Waimakariri River through the Waimakariri Gorge, and cycling 140k (over 3 stages).

He created one blog when his training first started and just adds a little more to it each time he has more to say, so take a look here and maybe post a comment to show him your support! He leaves Australian on 7th February and the race starts on 9th February. You can follow Baz's race progress on the Race Website. His competitor number is 460 (Barry O’Malley – Sydney). He is also taking a Spot personal satellite tracking device - with online position tracking here. Best of luck Baz from all of us here at Team, "Just Embrace It!".

Where's your Blog?

If you're a Member, we encourage you to start having a go at sharing your own stories. If you don't know how - just click Blogs at the top of the site, and then click "Create New Blog" - the rest is easy. The most important tip is to just be yourself - be real, be honest, be funny, be serious, whatever you are experiencing in your sporting life, write it here. In the words of a well-known coach "writing down and publicly sharing your goals is the first step towards commitment".

Here's the Members List - did you know Members can private message other Members?

To give you some ideas of what's possible, here's a link to my personal blogs - as you'll see I include my favourite recipes, race reports, training log stories, goals, Garmin log files, injuries, weight management issues, photos, and there's no hiding my flaws or weaknesses! These blogs are as much for me as it is for you. It's a great record to look back upon and hopefully one day I'll think, "wow, I did that?" and be proud of myself but for now, it's just all fun (ok, it's really hard work).

Why are we telling you about Membership?

Membership is optional. You can still get a lot of great use from TriathlonOz without it, but for some things like writing Blogs, you need a Member profile. If you've received this newsletter via email, you can already interact - that means post discussions into the Forum, post comments into our Articles, post comments into other people's blogs, edit or add a new Event to the calendar, create your own Classified ads, and contact Classified sellers and buy from our Shop. However, Members get special discounted pricing on all items for sale in our Shop, get their own Profile Page and Blogs space (where you can also upload all sorts of things like photos, videos and even your Garmin log files), plus Members can create free Display Ads in Classifieds (saving $19.95 each time). It's up to you, but if you do choose to be a Member, we'll also send you a really cool TriathlonOz Membership Card to keep in your wallet, and you can access any Member Offers from our participating sponsors (see Member Rewards). Annual Membership Subscription fee for individuals is $29.95. You can join here.

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Next Issue:

You could win a TriathlonOz trisuit (worth $200); new articles covering Bike Mount Techniques, Coping with Injuries, Pelvic Floor Strengthening Tips, How to Use a Windtrainer to improve your Cycling, and loads more.

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