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Hey Baz, great to read your latest update but as you didn't write it as a new blog, there was nothing to alert me that you'd done one and I've been waiting to see what you had to say...but I have just found it by trolling around. This course sounds rather daunting but I guess the weather will improve over the next few weeks? Can you remind me of the race date, and when do you leave? Best of luck with the final prep and enjoy the taper :)
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Reply By: The Landy - Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015 at 01:08

Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015 at 01:08
Hi Michelle
We leave for Christchurch a week today (Tuesday 7 February) and the event starts at 7am (NZ time) on 9 February for the two day.

Day one. 3 klm run to bike transition, 55 klm bike ride to Aichens Corner, 33 klm Alpine mountain run (walk in parts) to Klondyke Corner at Arthur’s Pass. The total climb on the run is around 800/1,000 metres, and it can snow at the top, at anytime, hence the gear we are required to carry on the run.
Day two. 15 kilomtre bike ride to Mt White Bridge kayak transition, 67 kilometre kayak down the Waimak River, which is generally fast moving braided river, but with about a 25 kilometre gorge section with plenty of rapids, mostly grade two. After you are ‘peeled’ out of the boat it is a mere 70 kilometre bike ride to Sumner Beach, Christchurch!

I had a small set-back with some inflammation in my right ankle due to a spur caused by an old injury and aggravated by the uphill running. The sports doctor has treated it with anti-inflammatory medication and I doubt it will prove to be any great concern on the run. It might actually cause more problems in the kayak leg because of the foot positioning.

Physically I have done has much as I can, using a variety of cross-training, strength training, kayaking (not enough white water though!), cycling and bush running. Mentally I have faced challenges similar to this in the past, having walked extensively in Papua New Guinea, and Australia with large packs, and paddled the 111 kilometre Hawkesbury Classic race a couple of times over the last few years. And throw in there a walk to Newcastle from Sydney. Personally I have a strong belief that these types of events tend to be more of a mental challenge than a physical one, and that isn’t to say you shouldn’t be physically prepared either, but I’m ready!

For me this is a challenge I intend to enjoy, the great scenery on the Alpine Mountain Run over Goat's Pass, the fantastic river kayak down the Waimak, and the cycle into Christchurch to finish it off. The average for last year’s two day event was around 16.5 hours, and whilst I am aiming for around that time, I guess it will all depend on the day, the conditions, and just how well I am prepared for what this event can challenge competitors with. Either way, I’ll be counting a finish as a win, regardless of the time!

My competitor number is 460 (Barry O’Malley – Sydney) and I understand it will be possible to follow competitor’s on the Speight’s Coast to Coast website. I will be taking my Spot tracking device and a link can be found here.

The Landy - Spot Tracker

I will be taking with me a great quote, from none-other than TomO, our 11 year old son, who said to me recently - “Just embrace it” – that will be emboldened on my kayak so I can look at it all the way down the Waimak!

Cheers, Baz (The Landy)
Cheers, Baz (The Landy)
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