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Sunday, Mar 18, 2012 at 13:00

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It seems to have been ages since I raced so I entered the Pt. Walter Olympic Mens only race (plus 25 women) and thought it would be a good measure to see where I am at in my traninig and also give me the oportunity to do a few transitons.

We being TriathlonOz were also exhibiting on the day so it was a made panic to not only get my gear ready but also all the stock, tables, marque's and family. Up at 3:30 and we arrived at 5AM and started getting our exhibit ready in between me registering and setting up transition.

When the sun finally came up the water looked fantastic, flat and still with no wind. The whole day was shaping up well. We had the marque up and Michelle and the kids were setting up the tables and getting ready for their day.

The swim was great I really enjoyed it, flat and not too many people crashing into you. It was meant to be a 1.5km swim but I think it was short I would have been happy to stay out there longer but as usual when it is over it is time to get onto the bike leg.

I had a good transition but stuffed up timing the transition on my Garmin - I forogot to press the button at the end of the swim so pressed it twice on the start of the bike (so I deleted the 1 sec transition) according to the results I spent 1:28 in T1.

The bike course was changed late in the planning due to the recent construction of speed bumps on Riverside Drive. So we now had 4 laps of a hilly course and so the main 3 hills became 12 hills in total. I have been working on my hill work so this was a good test.

When I got back for T2 there were a number of bikes around and this suprised me but I realised the Sprint race was almost finished so these bikes must have belonged to the Sprint and Fun racers. I had a fast T2 even with putting my socks on, 1 min according the official results - not sure it was that fast but my garmin said 45 secs and I did this one correctly so gee that was good for me.

The run was good, we were lucky it was flat and a 5 km out and back course so we did this twice. I was running well and was really working to keep my pace consistant with my training and 70.3 goal at around 4:20/km. Mind you I was also keeping track of people coming up behind me as I was able to run a little faster and did this in the last 1.5 kms moving up to about 4:05, which did hurt. I crossed the line happy with my performance and the garmin told me 2:12:41 even though the official results say 2:14:14. I am sure mine were 100% for the overall race but everyone is timed the same on the official results. I have attached these in the PDF below.

My Results:
Swim 20:36 - 6th Place 40-49
T1 1:28 - 4th Place 40-49
Cycle 1:07:54 - 1st Place 40-49
T2 1:00 - 1st Place 40-49
Run 43:16 - 1st Place 40-49

Overall 2:14:14 - 10th Overall - 1st Category 40-49

Garmin Logs

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