My training for 70.3 has started!

Sunday, Jan 29, 2012 at 17:21

TriathlonOz - Michelle

It's on again... training for the 70.3
Race Day is Saturday 5th May
Location: Busselton, WA

My goal is just to take 5 minutes off my finish time from last year but I think its going to be hard work. I know I did a decent swim and ride and I know I did my best run considering my training and ability so I don't really know where the time is going come from - I fear losing time on the bike by slowing down but I also fear the run - I said to myself last year to remember this pain and not to re-enter a race of this distance EVER AGAIN, so what have I gone and done?!!

I do have unfinished business with this half-marathon though. I keep shying away from it and I know I just have to build my distance slowly so that's what I'm doing.

I am happy enough with where I'm at now in the base phase, I think I've sorted out my shoes, I know where my niggles are and I think I know what causes them but still have no clue how to avert that other than not run, so I am trying to build strength in my lower back, strength in my abdominals, strength in my ankles and hopefully achieve muscular endurance in my long runs. Some mental strength wouldn't go astray either - during last year's race I distracted myself from the pain by yelling out at everyone else and cheering them all along. This year I will try to do the focus on the inner self approach and encourage ME to race the run rather than just survive and endure to the finish. Anyway that's the plan... I'm not happy with my weight yet though, lost about 3kg from that USA trip weight gain, but still about 3kg more to lose. I am also comparing my measurements to where I was at last year when I was happy with my weight and it seems I have my waist back, but hips/butt/ab flab still to work on! Diet seems fine now, and I'm making steady progress to drop the weight so I think its just a matter of patience and quicker results will come when I get my running volume up a bit more (I hope!!).

I actually started my plan 2 weeks ago, giving myself a 16 week program.
But in reality its not been much different to what I've been doing since November (after a break in Sept and October for an overseas trip).

I've made a few modifications to my training gear too, shoes, bike seat, bike shoes, different gearing ratios on my road bike that kind of thing. I'm also adding regular hills into my cycling - upon encouragement from David who felt it helped so much with his preparation for world's last year. In truth, we both just like the variety of riding through a beautiful scenic area where there is hardly any vehicular traffic and it breaks the monotony of doing the coastal rides.

So, here's my program log actuals so far (slack week this week):

And since yesterday was my 4th ride since Xmas into the Perth hills here's some info on the route I've been doing with David. This route shows a start at Guildford train station, riding up the backstreets to Darlington, Mundaring and down the Weir Road before hill climbing (with some fun steep descents) all the way to Kalamunda then taking the scenic Zig Zag back on the one-way track down to Midland Road picking up a bit of flat fast zoom zoom before returning into Guildford and enjoying a well earned iced coffee!

Some wish for it, others work for it!
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