Blackwood Marathon Relay 2009

Saturday, Oct 31, 2009 at 01:00

TriathlonOz - Michelle

The Blackwood Marathon event is made up of 4 stages (5 if you do the equestrian section), the run 12km, canoe 8.5km, swim 1km and into the bike 20km. In the area between Boyup Brook and Bridgetown in the South West Of WA. This area is very hilly for WA and it makes for a challenging event.

The 2009 Blackwood Marathon Relay was my first competitive multi-sport racing experience but I didn't actually ever plan to be a competitor, just a spectator but 3 days before the event David's mate broke his collarbone on his team urgently needed a replacement runner.

I was exceptionally nervous not to let anyone down - I have only just started to put some effort into getting fit after having the kids, and being lazy for way too long but I had about 3 months of regular running behind me and knew I could do the distance - but I wouldn't break any records!! I had let the team know my pace would mean about 1hr 12min finish so it was incredible to actually come in at exactly that time!

The run finish was so exhilerating that I felt like a super-hero coming in to the cheers of the spectators and cameras for my very amauter effort and that was the moment that I become hooked on racing. I've never had drugs in my veins but I think it must feel something like this... totally overwhelming and wonderful. All I want to do now is get that buzz again...

So, whilst I finished the run in 1:12:19 our team clocked a 3:17:49 overall finish time, placing 120th of 179.

If you are interested in entering or checking out the results, photos or anything else about the event see the Blackwood Marathon Relay Website

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