Week 9 Update - My Busselton 70.3 Training Log

Monday, Mar 26, 2012 at 17:13

TriathlonOz - Michelle

This was scheduled to be easy week but given my modified running I figured I'd only knock back the ride and swims but try to keep forging ahead with my running. All started well - Dennis suggested I try Rock Tape and gave me a strip of tape on Saturday so I could use it on my long run on Sunday (my week starts Sunday). I found it much more comfortable so I took it up to 12 km. Followed with yoga in the afternoon I was ready for my rest day on Monday.

Monday - and a very special rest day it was. For my birthday a few weeks ago, my caring husband gave me a last minute pamper package at the Waitaha day spa. It was 3 hours of perfect blisss... gentle massage, facial, body scrub... I floated out of there and felt rather human again.

Tuesday's ride I took easy, just joined in the regular Whitfords club ride of 40km. Swam 1 hour in the evening.

Wednesday I had a lie-in but did my afternoon 8k run around Lake Goolleal, trying the rock tape again (bought my own pink and black!).As you can see in the picture, I used the wider tape on my ITB, which felt good, and no pain but need more runs to know for sure how good.

Thursday tried my first multi-brick session together with David. We have our two bikes setup side-by-side in our gym, and the treadmill is also alongside. He started on the tready, I was on the bike and every 10 minutes we switched. It was actually really fun. David says he's done a 6 cycle session, but we only did 3 cycles as we didn't get out of bed early enough and had to stop to get the kids ready for school. I'm hoping to try a few more of these sessions. It was only a 1 hour session and not much running (5k split across 3 lots of 10 minutes) so I figured I would need to put in a proper run on Friday.

So, Friday I ran in the morning - but only managed 8k and had to stop short with more knee pain = :( Felt pretty crap all day, drowning in my own negativity. Buried myself in my work but got the kids to their cycling and karate and jumped into the pool to do my swim in the evening but got out after 1100m - pathetically de-motivated. I'm pretty sure I would have spent the evening sipping 1 or 2 happy goblets of red wine and consuming any remaining chocolate crumbs from the the bottom of the cooking chocolate box. Desperate times.

But saturday - clipped into my TT bike and vaavoom! I just love to ride. But I reined it in and remembered that this was "easy" week so I turned at Yanchep round-about and kept my ride to 70k instead of 85k. Felt awesome all day - and was surprised how the shorter ride made such a difference. Normally I am fatigued and struggle through the rest of my Saturday but not this one, so thankfully I have something that my body responds positively too = happy mind.

And so the week ended with mixed results but 10 hrs 21 put in and 1 full rest day.

Some wish for it, others work for it!
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