Training/Weight Loss Progress Report (Week 3)

Monday, Nov 07, 2011 at 13:25

TriathlonOz - Michelle

Since I made such a song and dance 3 weeks ago about my intentions to train off the weight gain, I thought it was time to write a little update on my progress to far.

Let's just say I've "eased" back into training, because it certainly hasn't been easy to just get back into it. I've had Miss Eleven's birthday, Halloween, a weekend away down south, School Open Night, and various school projects involving mum doing research and homework!

In fact it's taken me 3 weeks to get into a routine of fitting in all my sessions but I have done 2 races, although just part of a team in both, I had to paddle and cycle in both so two weeks in a row I had Saturday events so missed my long group ride, and I just didn't get myself sorted to swim or run enough. See my previous Sorrento Challenge, and Blackwood Marathon blogs if you want pics/details etc.

I'm fairly happy with last week's effort though, having got through 9 sessions, plus walked the kids to/from school each day. My cycling hours were cut short a bit during the week however. Firstly, I was on a ride on Tuesday when two guys in front had a stack (pretty bad actually, see myForum Post for details, and I didn't ride Thursday because believed the bad weather forecast and slept through a lovely morning! DOH! But I'm happy with my new swim routine - having ditched the coached session simply because it was too late at night (7.15 - 8.15pm) and changed days so that now I run instead of ride the morning after the long swim, which I find better.

Overall, my focus has been on slowly building volume back into my sessions and keeping the intensity low. It's good for the base fitness but also for best fat burn (but I haven't lost as much as I had hoped). I am still not feeling back to full fitness yet so it will take a few more weeks until I can smash out a good run and I bonked early on Saturday's ride (I normally would easily make a 70k ride without a gel, just half a bar at the turnaround but got to 30k and came apart, so embarrassing)!! Thanks Sue Libbis for coming back and coaxing me to continue on - thankfully I got a second wind and overall had a decent ride, and I even did a quick run with my daughter later.

So, the only thing left to comment on is my race schedule to Xmas. I have done 1 more race so far than expected, but am not sure about entering the Bunbury Olympic Distance, because I am just not ready. I know I can struggle through the distance at a leisurely pace though and that was the point, just to complete it, and not "race" it so will see what happens with planning the logistics.

Things are already getting hectic on the home front with kids projects and dance concert preparations that all add up to homework for me!

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