7 mths of knee pain GONE!

Thursday, Jul 05, 2012 at 13:29

TriathlonOz - Michelle

I have been nervous to put this out there, but it seems true... I am now running pain-free after 7 horrid months of agony. My physio (David Host of Whitford City Physiotherapy) is the only one who came up the answer...and therefore a solution. He was certain that I did not have typical runners knee/patella-femoral syndrome etc but in fact had nerve entrapment around the superior-tibial fibia joint. The treatment has been a simple seated stretch with chin on chest and leg out horizontal that stretches the nerve in my hamstring rather than the muscle. It didn't fix it overnight, but it did happen!

Whilst I have had a rest of triathlon-specific training since doing the 70.3 in early May, I have been living at the gym - weights 3-4 times a week, karate, RPM, & Pump, I don't think this has contributed to the fix of the knee problem, but thankfully its kept my mind off the lack of running and helped keep me fit (stronger...maybe not fitter...)

So, it is such a relief, as I had been using the treadmill for little cardio warmups at the gym but the problem has been starting after just 700m and if I kept going my knee would jam-up. So to now be running comfortably again is a blessing. 3k on Sunday, 6k on Tuesday and not only pain-free but 45secs-1min/km faster so it's like a whole new leg!

Only problem is this strange new sensation in my chest...first time I've been able to run at a fast enough pace to get out of breath all year!!

Western Mudd Rush is coming up - so bring it on!!
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